Chiropractic Transcription

Dr. Gustafson helps other chiropractors improve their own documentation.  He is an expert at personal injury reports and has created a system that allows other doctors to have accurate & concise reports with minimal output.


This was written by a client regarding the transcription service of Dr. Gustafson.

"In addition to practicing, Dr. Gustafson provides a report writing service to other chiropractors. With a few simple forms and email, he is able to provide a detailed report within a short period of time.  My staff and attorneys are elated because they get reports quickly and I don't get hounded for being late. The attorneys have expressed that my reports are now the most detailed reports they have seen. Their job is easier as they are challenged less on the validity of care."  Dr. A


How long does it take you to create a P.I. report once a patient is released?  We can create reports in a matter of hours if need be.  How many reports do you do a week?  We can complete as many as you have.  How much time do you devote to reports each week?  With our help you may never do another report again.  Are there other things that you would rather be doing like spending time with family or working on other projects?

Even those of us with poor notes/reports get paid partially for the services we render.  How many bills are slashed due to ineffective documentation.  The point is to have the best documentation with the least amount of stress.   It does not have to be difficult.  

Whether you are a recent graduate that needs assistance in proper report writing or a seasoned doctor that would like to delegate certain tasks, we would like to be of service.

Please consider outsourcing your reports.  Contact us in the manner that is most convenient.

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "When I relocated to Atlanta last year I hesitated to find a new chiropractor because I thought it would be a hassle. I wish someone would have told me about Dr. G right away. I felt at ease with him from the first visit."
  • "I was relieved when I found out that Dr. Gustafson has flexible care plans. As a father of four I did not want to be pressured into treatment I could not afford. I get my adjustments twice a month and I look forward to it. I sure can tell the difference since I became a patient."